When someone we love dies, many people go into a state of shock or confusion. Arranging a funeral service is something that the average person only does a couple of times in a lifetime. Its no wonder that some people can experience a sense of bewilderment or even fear. We are a family of funeral directors offering services from the Gold Coast up to Bundaberg and out west to Toowoomba and Munduberra We have facilities in Brisbane, Kingaroy and Cherbourg allowing us to cater to one of the largest service areas in Queensland. For service outside these areas, please contact us. We understand that a funeral should reflect the life of your loved one. We are here to help you with the many legal aspects and arrangements for the funeral service. As a family firm of funeral directors we have the benefit of over twenty-six years experience and professionalism behind us. We truly understand the bonds, the grief and the emptiness that accompanies loss and the need for empathetic, friendly, yet practical advice. Our family is ready to gently walk you through the next steps of the arrangements toward the funeral service and beyond. Once the funeral service has been held, we will continue to support you and your family until such time as you are ready for us to step aside.