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Today’s society increasingly turns to cremation as the preferred option when somebody passes away.

In fact, approximately 70% of funerals in city areas ends with cremation. In rural areas it’s still approximately 50% due to distance from available crematoria.

We proudly offer cremation services from a basic cremation with no funeral service to the most elaborate of services depending on individual requirements.

While there are a small number of Religions which still forbid cremation, it is a widely accepted practice in general terms.

Cremation funerals are usually cheaper than burials as the price of cemetery plots drive the costs out of reach of a lot of families.

We also offer cremation jewellery and urns to those who wish to keep either a portion of the ashes or the entire amount with them.

We offer cremations at all crematoria, we will generally select the crematoria closest of you don’t have a personal preference.

Feel free to call us to see how we can help.