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National and International Repatriations

We retain select access to a number of leading airlines running services to all destinations. This allows us to organise flights in good time and at the best prices.
We will also prepare the coffin as required by local and destination requirements.

Take the first step

There is some personal information we require in order to begin the process, so please contact us at any time, as the sooner we start, the sooner we can return your loved one home.
Please call Australia toll free on 1800 607 880 and with as much of the following information as possible or go to either the Contact Us or Online Funeral Arranger Pages.

Sometimes a loved one may pass while they are away from home, potentially they will be in another State of Australia or across international borders. This can complicate an already stressful time in the lives of family members. Before suitable funeral plans can be made, measures need to be prepared to have their body returned to where they should be laid to rest, at home, near the people and the places they loved.

At Killick Family Funerals, our family can help your family at this difficult time. We have the knowledge and are well-practiced in repatriation services, which means a difficult task can be handled expertly, easing the family’s worries.

The Following Letter was received by us on 26 May, 2016

“I highly recommend Killick Family Funerals for their service, guidance & expertise in international repatriation (sending loved ones overseas). For families not knowing the process or who to contact, Killick Family Funerals make it easy by taking the emotional stress out of the situation.

I personally recommend speaking to Killick Family Funerals who will explain the process in an understanding & friendly way of looking after your precious cargo. Simply put Jason is an expert in this field.

Hellmann Worldwide Logistics are a freight forwarder who works alongside Killick Family Funerals to provide the international repatriations service.

Yours faithfully,
Shelvin Ram”